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Hi all,

I think this is one of those times where I may need to override a forum leader in my capacity as a code contributor (sorry):

The watchdog is indeed not a malware. NVDA’s watchdog is used to keep an eye on how NVDA itself is doing and react to NVDA crashing such as writing a minidump and restarting NVDA if necessary. If watchdog is gone, NVDA won’t be able to respond to its own crashes and such, thus disabling it is not generally recommended.

Thus please disregard the research done on it so far, as they have nothing to do with actual purpose of NVDA’s watchdog module.




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From the name, this is most likely an antimalware program.  A Goodle search for Watchdog antimalware, shows this as the first result with an explanation of the program:



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Please explain what you are talking about by 'watchdog'?

A quick google search of windows 10 watchdog nets how to fix errors
related to it, not how to disable it or even what it does.

Further googling it appears that this is an ssd driver?

On 2018-12-05 3:19 a.m., Felix G. wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently testing some driver scenarios with watchdog disabled,
> and by coincidence discovered that some of my longstanding NVDA issues
> are not present, or behave differently, when the watchdog is not on
> duty. Is there a quick'n'easy way to have the watchdog never start?
> All the best,
> Felix

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