Re: Ask about learning a new language using screen reader.

Rui Fontes


You have those languages in your Vocalizer Expressive...


Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 04:46 de 06/12/2018, escreveu:

Dear Listers,
For now, NVDA is the only one screen reader that I use. I'd like to learn a new language which will be start next year. I have questions, but first of all, here are my plans and / or conditions.
- I don't have braille display, so I can only learn by listening any materials and reading anything using screen reader.
- I'm using NVDA with Windows 7.
- For now, I'm deciding to choose between Chinese and Arabic.
Here are my questions:
- What are the best synthesizers for both languages, it can be paid or free synthesizer that can use with NVDA.
- Is it hard to learn typing in both languages? I mean, keyboard layout, special symbol etc.
- Any suggestions about learning both languages are welcome.
Thank you.

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