Re: Logitech ‑ HD Webcam C270 ...

P. Otter

hi, i'm using the webcam c170
that cam works with no drivers needed.
it is plug and play and not plug and pray!
it works immediately, so if you use a program or app that nvda can handle, I do not see any problems.
I have no problems with it.
this series also has an excellent microphone and my friends say that I am fine to see.
and that's what I trust.
paul otter

Op 6-12-2018 om 22:20 schreef Nevzat Adil:

Hello group,

Does anyone know if Logitech ‑ HD Webcam C270 is accessible with NVDA?
I tried to use Essential Video Recorder that comes with Windows 10,
but buttons do not activate.
Your response will be appreciated.

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