Re: Vocalizer from Tiflotechnia

John Isige

I'm not weighing in on how people should feel here. But to be fair, I'm pretty sure the last time this came up, he said he was waiting for the transition to Python 3. And now we've just gotten a message that, fairly soon, the way you do addons will have to change. So I for one think it's sensible to give him time after this change hits. If this is the new way of doing addons and this is what he explicitly said he was waiting for, then we should see something, unless he's really waiting for the full transition to Python 3.

Like I said, I'm not trying to tell anybody how to feel about it. I'm just putting this out here because the complaint has been that you got "not yet" and "we'll see" and stuff like that. But the last time this came up and everybody complained about it, he did give the reason why an update wasn't coming, and that reason was that due to the transition to Python 3, the way addons were made would have to be changed, so he was waiting for that to happen.

I assume that's so he could get all of the major updates done at once and know they'd basically be working for the future, rather than doing a big update and then having to do another big update, or more than one, when the way addons work changed. Now you might say that reason isn't a good reason at all. That's fine, because as I'll say again to be clear, I'm not telling you how to feel about anything. I'm just saying, he did actually give a reason as to why there hasn't been an update. So saying that he doesn't tell anybody anything isn't really true. Unless the government's putting thoughts in my head again. Then all bets are off. But I asked them really nicely to stop doing that after the incident with the army officer and the flag pole. I mean sure, it was a good laugh and all, but it was hardly dignified. I'd tell you about it, but we swore we'd only speak of it amongst ourselves, and even then only if we were drunk. In a submarine. At a minimum depth of six fathoms.

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