Re: a problem focusing the mouse cursor on items


Are you in object review mode or screen review mode.  I have said before that object review mode should be automatically returned to when the window you are using a different mode in is left.  A lot of people have no idea that you need to be in object navigation mode for a lot of commands to work properly.  Unfortunately, my idea has not been implemented.  We'll see if your problem is another illustration of why it should be.
Also, have you changed the default setting that causes the object navigator to follow the cursor?  That could be the problem, too.  You are routing the mouse to the object navigator, not to the application cursor nor the browse mode virtual cursor. 

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From: Dan Beaver
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2018 4:30 PM
Subject: [nvda] a problem focusing the mouse cursor on items


I have recently noticed that using the nvda+shift+m combo isn't working correctly.  If I do this on a webpage to click on an item that normally would be identified as a link it doesn't allow me to click on it.

If I do this and then issue nvda+[ to do a mouse click it tries to activate something on the desktop instead.  It seems like the mouse focus isn't being placed on the item that I was looking at in browse mode.

Any ideas on this one?

I am running the latest stable NVDA and Windows 10 home. I am having trouble figuring out

how to find the exact version of Windows 10 home though.  I found this using the Chrome browser.



Dan Beaver (KC4DOY)

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