Re: OCRing pdfs using NVDA?

Mallard <mallard@...>


The issue with Ctrl+Shift+C was simply my fault, as I mentioned previously. It simply didn't occur my mind to try and press NVDA+F2 before the key combination...
Now it works fine here too.

The document I processed took several hours indeed, but I went off cooking and things, so I didn't mind...

I'm going to study teh programme a bit more in depth, to see if there are workarounds to help others make good use of it, at least as much as possible.

If the devs are willing to install NVDA (given that it's free), we might be able to make them understand what is not working in menu viewing...
But I'm probably just too optimistic - I'm spoilt by so many great devs on the Android eyes-free list... (smile).


Il 09/03/2016 15:30, Brian Vogel ha scritto:


Glad it worked for you and you're happy with the result. I'm sure a document of that size took several hours to process. I think the largest I've ever done is a bit over 400 pages, and most are significantly smaller than that. When you get into large PDF files, even OCR-ed ones, you pretty much have to be able to word search them to make finding that "needle in a haystack" a reasonable task.

I still can't explain why CTRL+SHIFT+C is not working for you without using pass-through as it works just fine for me when I'm using NVDA 2016.1 and PDF-XChange Viewer together to do an OCR that way.

I have suggested that others contact Tracker regarding accessibility issues. While I can and do use screen readers as part of testing things out, and can say what works or doesn't work for "routine stuff," there's nothing like a skilled screen reader user who has to do "the deep stuff" to uncover, and even to explain, accessibility issues I will never encounter.


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