Re: How can I configure NVDA to speak nothing? #advisory


Personally I've used it on occasions, though I've changed the pitch to an A note rather than the default, as the default pitch sounds rather painful to me.

On 12/9/2018 1:21 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:
I thought the beeps mode would act like the old asap screen reader for dos did, in that when text is scrolling on the screen, it would constantly emit beeps to let you know the program was still producing output. However, when I was doing a rather lengthy compile a couple months ago, I tried turning on beeps mode, hoping it would continue beeping (once every second or so), or perhaps everytime the screen updated, but that did not happen.  I actually got no output at all, beeps or otherwise, which is not at all what I expected.  As a result, I just assumed the beep mode was broken, and went back to switching away from compile windows and checking periodically to see if they're done, since beeps mode doesn't perform as expected.

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