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Don H

I was a long long time user of Window Eyes and always used DecTalk. Never understood why people ever used Eloquence but I guess it is what you get used to.

On 12/10/2018 11:37 AM, Gene wrote:
If you are interested in the Eloquence that comes with the Code Factory add-on, try the demo to be sure you want it.  The Eloquence has lots of annoying artifacts, sounds that shouldn't be there.
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No, I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other. To be more exact, one might be better than the other for different people. Both have problems, and both Code Factory and Tiflotecnia seem to be more than happy to be paid, without caring much about quality. Here are a few things to be aware of:
1. Code Factory Vocalizer comes with Eloquence as a pack, it’s cheaper,
and you get two synthesizers. Vocalizer voices are being regularly
updated, there are either new voices or new languages added once or
twice per year. Say-all and spell-line commands do not work with
Vocalizer, and if you send them emails to ask them to fix this, you
only receive deep silence as a response, they seem to be too busy
going on holidays and spending what they’ve got from us.
2. Tiflotecnia are even more expensive, their driver seems to be a
little more polished and less buggy. On the other hand, no new
voices/languages, no updates for the last three years or so, but
they are very good at promises. They did a good job at the
beginning, and since then they enjoy living on rent.
This was a very subjective overview, which I hope will help you a bit. I suggest trying them both before making a decision. None is perfect, but only you can tell which is better for you.
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