Re: Older computer running nvda and windows vista.

Chris Mullins

Afriend of mine still runs a Vista machine and she uses the AVG free
edition. You may require sighted help with the install but once installed
it is pretty good accessibility wise.


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Well windows Defender is OK its presumably microsoft security essentials.
Personally, I'd tentd to see if windows 7 would run on it, but stripped
down and all the stupid graphic rubbish can be turned off to speed it up.
What is it, a Dell?

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Subject: [nvda] Older computer running nvda and windows vista.

Good afternoon list, Marv here. Sorry, but have another question. I just
received an older computer which is a laptop. It is running vista 32 bit
and the latest version of nvda. Which antivirus program if needed is
accessible with nvda. It has windows defender, but like I said, I just
received this computer and know nothing about things regarding it. Any help

would be appreciated.

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