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I don't know the technical aspects of this but as I understand it, when you move the mouse with NVDA and click it using NVDA, you are performing the same functions differently.  But if that is so, why are there some things you can't make do something when you click the NVDA mouse function?  There seems to be some difference.  Is there any way to work on that to make the NVDA mouse and the physical mouse do exactly the same thing? 
This is the case with other screen-readers as well.

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Using a physical mouse is quite challenging, however, there are usually alternative ways of doing what you would have done with the mouse.

I would recommend the Basic Training for NVDA to learn to use the key ways:
- Windows keystrokes for things which have a built-in keyboard methods of accessing.
- NVDA keystrokes for functionality provided by the screen-reader.
- Object navigation and the Review Cursor: NVDA's comprehensive way of accessing items on screen which can't be otherwise accessed with the keyboard.

Object navigation is one of the big tools here, while the keys themselves are available from the User Guide they are quite complex and not necessarily obvious to a new user, which is particularly why I would recommend the training material as being a worthwhile investment for most users.

Coming back to the original question, and the other way of moving the mouse, is via the keyboard, either using Windows' built-in mousekeys accessibility feature, or via the NVDA add-on Golden Cursor (which essentially provides similar functionality to mousekeys but with many more options):

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Are there any instructions that will help a total use a physical mouse with efficiency?

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