Re: Older computer running nvda and windows vista.

Jeffrey Shockley

This is slightly incorrect.
Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender are the same program yes, but the program with that name in Windows 7 and Vista is different, so you have to use MSE with those systems, or other third party AV products.
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Well windows Defender is OK its presumably microsoft security essentials.
Personally, I'd tentd to see if windows 7 would run on it, but stripped down and all the stupid graphic rubbish can be turned off to speed it up.
What is it, a Dell?

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Good afternoon list, Marv here. Sorry, but have another question. I just received an older computer which is a laptop. It is running vista 32 bit and the latest version of nvda. Which antivirus program if needed is accessible with nvda. It has windows defender, but like I said, I just received this computer and know nothing about things regarding it. Any help would be appreciated.

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