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Antony Stone

Surely the question was about the college's teaching platform, not about
medical appointment applications?

There are very likely two questions here:

1. Does NVDA work with Canvas, the teaching platform used by this particular

2. Does NVDA, or any other screen reader, work with the medical billing
systems which the student is likely to encounter after completing the training
course? Hopefully there will be a good element of this in the training course



On Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 14:57:23, Brian K. Lingard wrote:

Dear Sarah & List:

Friend of mine in Oregon swears by an App called My Chart.

Displays test results, doctor appointments, all easily read with Voiceover
on His iPhone X.
Brian K. Lingard

From: <> On Behalf of Sarah k
Alawami Sent: December 11, 2018 23:10
Subject: Re: [nvda] college course question

I doubt that will be accessible. You can try it, but I have not so far have
had any good experience with online medical anything thus far. I have to
deal with med stuff for my personal life and it is not accessible.

On 11 Dec 2018, at 17:48, The Wolf wrote:
Hello I am thinking about going to a college for a 9-month program in
medical billing and coding.

the online platform that the school uses is canvas

is this platform blind friendly? or should I just look in to other
colleges that use a different platform?

oh and I would be using nvda of course

unless the school disability office purchases jaws for me but I would
prefer to use nvda

thanks for any help you can give.

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