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On Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 20:03:09, Pascal Lambert wrote:

Hi All,
I am no computer whiz, and I would appreciate, those of you who are, to
take a look at the social network to see what can be done
from our end to make the sight more accessible. These are some of the
issues I encountered so far: Links do not open right away;
Editing to comment or post are very difficult as the voice becomes silent
and the cursor tends to get stuck; Difficult to locate received comments
and notifications;
The developers Marc and Terry will also appreciate receiving your experts
feedback. Many thanks

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And if all else fails often typing it into google can give a clue.
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If you think its coming from that specific program then try setting it not
to start on logon see fi that fixes it

If it fixes the issue then reinstall the program see if that fixes

Otherwise the error is to generic to be certain what is causing it

Good luck
From: John Isige
Sent: 12 December 2018 18:04
Subject: [nvda] Weird error on boot.

Hey all. I'm writing in hopes that somebody knows where this is coming
from. It's possible it's NVDA but I doubt it. I updated Windows to 1809
and everything works fine. But every time I boot up, I get this error.

"Could not load file or assembly 'MOM.Implementation' or one of its
dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

Anybody know where this is from, and more importantly, how to fix it? I
suspected TWBlue but I just quit and ran it again, and the error didn't
show up. Oh yeah, I'm running NVDA 2018.4-RC1 on 64-bit Windows.
This sentence contains exacly three erors.

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