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Brilliant. I never thought about this solution. I will tell you how it goes.






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Why don't you send it to yourself as a message?



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Subject: [nvda] questions about .pdf forms


Hello list. I have a few questions about editing.pdf forms. We have downloaded a few sample thank you letters for our use. They are in .pdf format, and appear to be very accessible. One thing we are not sure of is if the previous sample content shows up when we either send the letter to someone or print it out to be sent. We see what was there before, when we are not in focus mode. When we go into focus mode, we are seeing only what is written by us. If others need to take a look at this, I’ll put a link to it on Dropbox to be accessed.


Again, I’m curious to know if the sample content can be seen by anyone else, other than us. If it can be, that’s a big problem. It could be that there is something I don’t understand about working with these types of forms. I guess I need an explanation of how these templates work, and what happens when you edit one. Does the reader see only what you want them to see, and not the template text? I pray this is clear enough. If not, ask questions, and I’ll do my best to answer.

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