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Thanks, Brian. That really was a helpful reply and I appreciate it.


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The answer to this depends on which Google pages you're talking about. On pages such as Gmail's page and the Google Calendar, where the button is presented "wide" and there is a dropdown arrow next to the gear I can consistently find it by doing an NVDA search using "settings" as my search criterion. NVDA throws focus on to the button, announcing, "Menu Button collapsed, submenu settings." If one then hits Enter the dropdown menu appears and you can arrow up or down through it.

On other Google pages, e.g., Drive, where it does not appear as a stand alone button but as a button on a toolbar I get myself into Browse mode and either use B or SHIFT+B to traverse buttons until I land on the settings button in the toolbar, which is announced, "Toolbar Settings Menu Button collapsed submenu." Again if you hit enter the settings menu itself will open. There's got to be a better way than this but I've not practiced enough with the touch cursor features yet, which might prove helpful here. There aren't that many buttons on most of these pages so resorting to a brute force search traversal is not an all day affair.


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