Re: last but not least on NVDA

Raha Tehrani

Hi Howard.
"wepages" was a spelling mistake. I just wanted to write "webpages"
but I made a mistake and typed "wepages"
clickables are important elements on webpages. they are like buttons
and links. by either clicking on which, or pressing enter, or space,
you will be directed to another page. or perhaps a file is either
played or downloaded. in a nutshell, they are as important as links
and buttons. I see lots of them in webpages these days. in Jaws, you
can move on different clickables by pressing / "slash" key. you can
also have the list of clickables by pressing control+insert+/
but unfortunately, NVDA lacks such a thing. suppose you are visiting a
webpage which plays a radio station, the play and pause controls are
shown as clickables. and they are located in the middle of the page.
in JAWS you can reach them by simply pressing / "slash" key once or
twice. however, it takes you much more time reaching them using NVDA.
you should arrow down until you reach them.
take care.

On 12/13/18, Howard Traxler <howard@...> wrote:
All this time and I still don't know what "clickable" means.  I assumed
it is the same as a link.  Guess not, huh?  Up until now, I haven't
found a need to search for them.  And then "wepages"?  I am confused.


On 12/13/2018 2:30 AM, Raha Tehrani wrote:
Dear all.
I am going to tell you about a very little difficulty on NVDA.
as you all know, while using JAWS, pressing the / "slash" key
navigates us around on different clickables in webpages. clickables
are kind of important these days. but there's no key defined for NVDA
to locate clickables on wepages. I think this can't be done by
developping a new addon. it should be developped by main NVDA
designers and programmers.
thanks again.
I hope they will read this mail and assign a key for clickables. /
"slash" seems to be fine.
take care.

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