Re: ccleaner new version

Roger Stewart

Can you please give the link for the latest portable version and the latest .ini file?  Sad to report the link you gave for the direct portable version download has switched to the main installer for cCleaner and the portable version doesn't even show on that page now. I've deleted that old link so we will all need a new one.  Anyhow, what is the advantage of using the latest and greatest version anyhow?  I ran the old one I have and it seemed to work just fine here.  I also find that the built in disk cleanup utility can free many times the space as CCleaner but it will still get some things the disk cleanup can't get so I need to use both of them.  CCleaner removed just over a half GB of junk while the disk cleanup got rid of a bit over 9 GB of unnecessary stuff!


On 12/13/2018 11:59 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Hi all.

A small note to all of you, although there is a new version of this out, there are no settings of note updated in the ini file, so I'm not uploading one

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