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interesting. good to know.

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           I'll have to disagree with Jackie, at least in part.  While exactly what can be done in NVDA add-ons as far as scope is different than JAWS scripts, the basic concept is precisely the same.  There exist lots of unofficial NVDA extensions developed by individuals that are related to making specific applications accessible.  Even a good number of the official add-ons at are directly related to a single application.

           Some of the scope differences have come about secondary to design philosophy for NVDA that was relatively "set in stone" from the outset and where there are core functions, which are part of NVDA itself, and non-core functions, which are handled by add-ons.  NVDA Remote could easily have been part of NVDA core functionality (as could a number of other add-ons) but what those add-ons do was not classed as a core function of the screen reader, so those functions are handled by add-ons.

            There has been discussion of potentially making certain functions currently served by add-ons core functionality of NVDA, but I cannot for the life of me remember which ones right now.  Those discussions come and go on this group and probably occur a lot more frequently and intensely on NVDA's github, the actual developers hang-out (for lack of a better term).


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