Re: question about nvda add ons


Brian v. I could've been clearer in my explanation, perhaps. Jaws
scripts, for the most part, are triggered by keystrokes in an
application that are tied to the jaws script. So, for example, using
Notepad, I could (& have) written a Jaws script such that the
keystroke alt down arrow read the contents of the column where the
cursor was. But the scripts are tied to a specific application, in
this case Notepad. While NVDA's addon facilities can be used
similarly, they can also be used very differently, ie, creating
applications that didn't exist. The remote NVDA addon as well as some
of Joseph Lee's apps like the addon updater & his Win 10 essentials
are examples of this latter, broader, more powerful concept. The basic
reason is simply that the Jaws scripting language doesn't have the
facilities of Python. So yes--the 2 are similar in that they are both
intended to create increased accessibility, but they differ
considerably in the power of the tools used & therefore what can be
accomplished w/them.

On 12/13/18, molly the blind tech lover <brainardmolly@...> wrote:
Hey guys? I keep trying to reply to your responses to my question, but my
Internet keeps going out. Darn Comcast. I'm sending this before the Internet
goes out... again.

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Yes Molly, NVDA addons are like Jaws scripts. You add them as you see fit.

On 12/13/18, molly the blind tech lover <brainardmolly@...> wrote:
Hey guys, Molly here again.

I was just wondering, is an NVDA add on the equivalent of jaws
scripts? I realize that add ons enhance the functionality of NVDA.
Isn't that similar to Jaws scripting? Or am I way off base here?


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