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There most certainly is. Often drivers chop the start and end of sound due to latency in the code that trips on and off the audio. You mainly seem to find this on laptops for some reason.
As for the difference in which sounds come from where. This too is often drivers not looking at the sound output selection flags correctly. Its very hard to give a definitive answer to this on, but I found that one particular audio stream was using the windows sound mapper while the others were using the bespoke mapper for whichever sound card or whatever the driver had. Sometimes these can be changed independently. I've noticed that some sappi voices sound very rough through the sound mapper but a lot cleaner through the realtech or the Behringer that I have but as to quite why.

My brain hurts!

Not much help I know, but such is the way of things in driver land.
I do not think Microsoft test third party drivers correctly for use with screenreaders personally.

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Dear Friends,

May I ask for your input on this, once again. I am running Windows 10 and have two audio options: a Realtek sound card and a Logitech wireless headset (not Bluetooth). Under the NVDA speech settings, when I choose one of these, the output is through the other one. I want the Logitech wireless headset, but have to choose Realtek to get it. However, the NVDA sounds do not have the same good voice quality as when I used to set it to come through the Logitech option. Especially, the initial sound in each word is often cut off. Selecting the Realtek option, NVDA sounds come through the Logitech headset, but system sounds come through the computer speakers.

When I raised these issues three weeks ago, several of you suggested this would be a driver problem. I checked the settings and drivers, together with my sighted wife and we found no irregularity. I had another person, who is more computer savvy, look at this and he, too, said that there was no evidence of errors with either the Realtek driver or the Logitech driver.

Is it possible to have a driver problem, even though there is no error alert?

Any other suggestions?


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