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True, I think of addons in their simplest form if only containing modules and plugins as being packaged archives, but I guess in their more advanced state since they can contain everything from scripts to fully portable apps, synths and drivers etc, as extentions for nvda that can do a lot of things, in the past since they can take programs bad things but mostly good if secured right.

Since nvda is just a reader and such extentions like in google chrome would be apt.

But if nvda was its own os, then nvda addons would be what the apple bundles are to macs or those packaged executable installers you get in windows are.

So installers for apps.

Apps can be scripts for apps, drivers, synths, apps in their own right etc.

Not saying that it would happen but to be honest, there is not much idea wize from making nvda to its own os.

maybe a linux distro, technically there is more to that than meets the eye.

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App modules can be seen as scripts foor that program, but  add ons are more than that, though they may indeed change behaviour in just one application.

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Hey guys, Molly here again.

I was just wondering, is an NVDA add on the equivalent of jaws scripts? I
realize that add ons enhance the functionality of NVDA. Isn't that similar
to Jaws scripting? Or am I way off base here?


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