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I believe that this change was made looking for the new emojis panel. Like, now you have what I'd call subcategories, such as skin tones and more. So it's the only way we can have access to all of this emojis, I guess.
Em 15/12/2018 09:27, P. Otter escreveu:

hi all,
in nvda 2018.4rc2 there are made changes I'm not glad with it.
it's about the emoticons.
before it was made that when you press the tab, you change the catechory
but now first you have to press windowskey plus dot or ;
after that you have to press tab to
to choose a catechory
now with right arrow  choose a catechory now enter again, after that you can tab to find the list!
before it was a lot easyer!
that was press windowskey plus .
than tab to the right catechory after that you find immediately the list!
this is much more cumbersome I think!
you can better take the way as before
in the beginning of nvda 2018.4.
paul otter

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