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It's just another sign of the growing decline of literary culture and respect for language.  Visual representation and communication is significantly encroaching on verbal communication and media.  The results are, and will be widespread and are far from fully known but the change is occurring with far too little reflection. 
This change, much more visual media, movies for one, increasingly replacing books, has very serious implications for logical thought and linear thinking.  As a very apt quote, I don't know its origin, has it, "We shape our tools and then our tools shape us."

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call me an old curmudgeon if you like but we were given languages and yet they prefer to use pictures.
Maybe it's "a Brian thing," but this Brian is right there with you.  I have hated emoji's ever since their debut.  I resisted the use of text emoticons, too, except in very rare cases where it would be difficult to assess "tone" accurately strictly in writing.

I would not shed a single tear were emojis to land on the cyber scrap heap.

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