Re: Last NVDA: How do I update it?


Hi Quentin,
First, thanks for your answer.
Just to see if I got it right: If I download this version, I'll automatically lose the Alpha channel?
If so, how I can stay up to date about news on the NVDA stable without losing it?
I mean, staying in the Alpha channel I won't receive news from the stable version, or will I?
Maybe it's a stupid question but I still am confused about these channels.
Em 16/12/2018 21:59, Quentin Christensen escreveu:

Hi Marcio,

You can download the update from - when you install it, the installer will automatically install over your existing installed version.

The Beta channel automatically updates to the RC channel.
The RC channel automatically updates to the next stable release.

The alpha channel stays on the alpha channel.  If you would like to change from alpha to stable, you will need to download manually.

So anyone who downloaded either the beta or RC releases should be prompted to update to NVDA 2018.4 stable, but you can also download it manually and install.

Note that NVDA only checks once every 24 hours or so; for those following us on social media or in the groups here, you often find out before NVDA has checked.  You can either download or check for updates manually, or wait and it will do it within a day or so.



On Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 10:37 AM marcio via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hello folks.
I'm on the NVDA Alpha channel. I got informed that a new version was available, but not for the channel, I read it here just now.
The thing is: when I was going to check for updates it shows me nothing.
Anyone knows what can be happening and how to fix it?

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