NVDA 2018.4 and Joseph Lee's add-ons: all compatible, some will require this NVDA release in January 2019 and later


Hi everyone,


Starting from this release, I’ll send out a quarterly announcement about compatibility of my add-ons with upcoming NVDA releases. The notices will be sent sometime between beta 1 and stable release of the upcoming version, typically just before release candidate phase. The notices will include one or more of the following:


  • Status of currently released add-ons and their compatibility with upcoming NVDA releases.
  • Add-ons that will require the upcoming versions in the future, if any.
  • Things to note when using the upcoming NVDA version with various add-ons.


As of NVDA 2018.4:


  • All add-ons are compatible.
  • Several add-ons will require 2018.4 starting in January 2019 or later (see below for specifics).


Add-ons requiring NVDA 2018.4 or later: the following add-on releases planned for January 2019 or later will require 2018.4 in order to take advantage of the following changes:


  • Checkable list: some add-on options will use checkable list implementation that ships with NVDA.
  • Some add-ons will use six compatibility module for Python 2 and 3 readiness.


Affected add-ons and versions:


  • Add-on Updater: version 19.01 or later
  • StationPlaylist Studio: version 19.01/18.09.6-LTS or later


Other things to note:


  • Add-on updates: from January 2019 onwards, StationPlaylist and Windows 10 App Essentials add-ons will disable add-on update feature that ships with these add-ons (to be removed in February). This means all future add-on updates must be done via Add-on Updater. A reminder message will show up at startup (only once) when you install version 19.01 of these add-ons.
  • Python 3 transition for my add-ons is almost complete. I’ll let you know when the transition is actually complete (likely no later than February 2019).


Thank you.



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