Re: nvda latest RC version don't speak when in settings or windows defender program

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Hi, firstly we would need to know the exact build of Windows you have as there are differences.
To get a log there are many ways. Firstly open up a blank copy of notepad.
Go to the part of windows not working as it should and do an NVDA/F1. This should open the log viewer with the last entries the bits of diagnostic info needed. However go up the file until you can hear the part where you go into the non working part and select all the file from there to the bottom of the file and cut and paste it into notepad, and save it as something meaningful, in case of any crashes.
Get back to the email software, start a message with the sub line of your problem in this group first, put the details of the windows version etc and the problem and then cut and paste the contents of the notepad to the bottom of the message.
Before doing this I would advise that you go to nvda settings and general and select the debug level for your log as this will have more details in it before you attempt to show the issue.

I hope this makes sense.
If somebody here can get a good look and duplicate the issue then fine, if not then you might have some odd windows issue.

If nobody can resolve it you may need to get an account on github web site and raise a new issue for it.
However I'd suggest trying the new release version if you have not already. also try to test with all add ons disabled firs as some odd things can happen if one is old or misbehaving for whatever reason.
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when i launch settings, or windows defender program NVDA latest RC2 goes silent and when i do an insert t it says explorer not actual program window:( what gives here and how can i produce log to email here as proof of this

Joseph Weakland
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