Re: nvda remote windows server lock screen.

Jack Mendez

Hello antony.
Thank you for your response.
I have configured things appropriately as documented in the readme file. If I go to the machine and unlock it with ctrl+alt+dell and move back to the remote machine and login I can authenticate.

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Are you certain that NVDA (and Remote) are running on the server you're trying to connect to, before you have logged in to it?

I don't know how much of you have read, but it has several sections which seem relevant to me - hopefully this gives you some clues.


On Monday 17 December 2018 at 15:17:20, Jack Mendez wrote:

Anyone work with windows server and nvda remote?
I have tried several times to interact remotely with a windows server
and been unable to successfully send ctrl+alt+del through the NVDA
remote menu to get to the authentication dialog. In order to enter
user credentials I need to be able to send the keyboard sequence. I
have tried disabling it, but still have no luck with logging into a
remote session once the screen locks.
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