Re: OT: Refresh firefox might have solved NVDA-lock-up issue

andru fou

Updating to the latest insider build also seems to have solved it.

On 6/9/16, Jacob Kruger <> wrote:
While I know this isn't directly related to NVDA itself, among other things
I was considering trying to roll back from latest v.46 of firefox, to a
prior version of firefox, back to something like late-30's version number,
just to see if that would help, but, came across the following page, which,
if you load it in firefox itself, offers a form of utility link to refresh
firefox to default settings, uninstall all extensions, etc. etc.:

Now, I let that thing do it's thing, and while no more extensions/add-ons,
like webvisum and f123 are now installed, all my bookmarks, etc. were still
available, but, did have to do things like reset my home/startup page, etc.

However, main thing is, while have just been testing/trying this out for
roundabout 10 minutes now, playing around with youTube, facebook mobile, and
various google searches, etc., it does seem to have, possibly, stopped
firefox from overloading/overclocking this windows 10 64-bit operating
system instance, and also hasn't, thus far, made NVDA go all silent, etc.

In other words, just posting this here, in case any other guys want to give
it a try, and, if it carries on cooperating for a while, then I will try
something like reinstalling the webvisum extension first, since it's worked
for me over a few years now, etc., and will definitely keep track of any
other extensions that get installed, to just try keep track of if/when it
reverts back to a form of go-slow...<smile>

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
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