Re: Google's Gear Icon



          There are sometimes ways to put constraints on mouse movement, but this is not the best solution in my opinion.  Make sure that the window you are trying to explore is maximized before you start exploring it.  Then the only "run off" you should experience is to your Windows taskbar.

          It's also worth exploring the constraints that your mouse or mouse pad driver might be able to impose.  On my machine the mouse pointer never "exits the screen border" except from the taskbar at the bottom, and even when it does that it does not "loop around" and reappear from the top.  I can get my mouse pointer, and those of most laptop users, to be at the top left corner of the screen no matter where it had been, by performing a diagonal swipe from bottom right to top left of the mouse pad a couple of times before starting a systematic side to side, top to bottom quick exploration using the mouse pad as the virtual border for the maximized window.  At some point I'm going to have to commandeer my partner's touch screen computer and play with this technique actually using my finger on the screen itself with a NVDA running.


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