Hello/Still Noticing Slight Performance Decrease When Navigating with NVDA 2018.4

David Goldfield

My guess is that nobody else is experiencing this issue as I'm seeing no other posts about this.

When I navigate by links with K or shift K in Thunderbird and even, to an extent, in Chrome I notice a slight slowdown in responsiveness compared to 2018.3. For a short time I thought it was my computer as I was sometimes seeing this occur in 2018.3.2 but, in general, 2018.3.2 is still somewhat faster. I sent Quentin a debug file with all addons disabled but I'm assuming there was nothing obvious in the output as I haven't heard back. I notice this with Espeak. On a faster machine I do not notice this but on a slower Athlon 2.9 GHZ there is a slight but noticeable difference. Just wondering if anybody has noticed this and if something changed in the code regarding navigation?

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist WWW.David-Goldfield.Com

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