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Quentin Christensen

Ah fantastic - ignore the email I just sent then :)

Re the dialog not reading properly - it should read ok, however it uses a different NVDA profile.  To have it read in the voice you prefer:
1) Setup NVDA as you like (synthesizer, rate, etc)
2) Press NVDA+CONTROL+C to save changes.
3) Press NVDA+CONTROL+G to open the general settings.
4) Press TAB until the focus is on the "Use currently saved settings on the logon and other secure screens" button
5) Press SPACEBAR or ENTER to activate the button.
6) If you have any add-ons, a dialog appears warning that these can be a security risk (not that there is a risk from any specific add-ons, just a general warning).  Press ENTER to accept this.
7) A UAC dialog appears.  press ALT+Y accept the prompt.



On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 10:45 AM Janet Brandly <jbrandly@...> wrote:
After trying again, I was able to install the update successfully. After the update downloaded, there was another sound which I hadn’t heard before. I hit Alt-Yon spec and I installed and restarted successfully. In the future, it would be very helpful if this dialog would read properly.

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