Re: dectalk express u s b


Yes but its 600 bucks us.

Thats more than sapi synths.

Saying that, I am seriously thinking of the tripple talk usb mini which is only 200 bucks along with the vocaliser code factory voices for sapi which I may get at a later date.

To be honest,  a general user doesn't need to have a portable synth.

However, if you are a technition like me that could use a synth and not a sound card then that may be good especially if your sound device just flatly refuses to work.

There have been situations where I didn't have my usb devices or my mergency crappy usb set for speech and it was a real pain.

I have had systems I have got repaired only to start them and find no sound.

So before I even can use whoever's system I need to reformat it because I don't get sound.

Of course I can afford only 1 or 2 synths a year.

So the tripple talk usb could be in my price range of 200 us which is my maximum.

On 12/19/2018 3:14 AM, Isaac wrote:
Can one still purchase a dectalk usb?
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Subject: [nvda] dectalk express u s b

it seems that it will work using the serial port using an adapter from u s b, but it will not work directly from a u s b connection.
I wish someone would correct this as I’d like to use the dectalk

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