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I've recently noticed firefox occasionally starting with no padge, even if its set to have one
Its address  fiield is blank and it just sits there waiting. This also occurs if you update nvda, ie its the default browser for an update of a portable version.
It usually works the second time but of course you need to regenerate the new update for nvda to try it.
It seemed to start about mid way in the life of ff44, and has been there ever since. it does work sometimes. To me this is also alied to the occasional page not found or not available  with 5 or4 hundred codes
I was wondering if the newer ublock might be part of the issue, but have not figured out how to test this.

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           This is a pure SWAG on my part, but I've encountered so many bizarre problems caused by cache corruption that the first thing I'd recommend is that you clear all browser cache in Firefox.  If you use CCleaner it will work (and a bit faster) or you can follow the instructions on the Firefox Clear Cache page.

           Try that and see if it resolves the problem.  If it doesn't at least we can eliminate cache corruption as the root cause.


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