is there a short cut key for Use NVDA on the Windows logon screen (requires administrator privileges)

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi guys

Just a curiosity question I know in the nvda settings under general there is the  setting in the general section.

called Use NVDA on the Windows logon screen (requires administrator privileges)  I was wondering if there is a short cut to turn it on or off.

or would NVDA have to have admin rights of which it may not  unless that box is checked ?

The reason I am asking this question is as follows

I was reading under a FAQ page  with both narrator and nvda installed on a network that on some certain systems you had to log into the windows log on screen with narrator then it would turn its self off then you could start up NVDA.

Is that because narrator would have some type of other privilege that nvda does not?

I asked the question to the person after I read it to the people involved.

But just wanted to find out from this side or if a shortcut could be assigned? It is on a public network so i am guessing it would be a security risk?

Gene nz

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