Re: Hello/Still Noticing Slight Performance Decrease When Navigating with NVDA 2018.4

David Goldfield


Thank you for confirming what I have noticed. The performance hit I'm seeing is significant enough that I really prefer what the previous version. However, I am impressed with the experimental UIA support which I enabled in my NVDA.ini file for use with Word. I definitely notice the difference, particularly on my machine which is not the fastest machine around. What I'd really like to see most in NVDA is a refactoring of the speech to improve latency and, dare I make this comparison, to make it behave more like JAWS. Specifically, I'm referring to the responsiveness when navigating using the cursor and when typing.

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist WWW.David-Goldfield.Com

On 12/18/2018 1:53 PM, Tony Malykh wrote:
I noticed this in Chrome too - 2018.4 is slightly slower than
2018.3.2.  All the betas of 2018.4 were slower as well. However, with
2018.3.2 I had a problem of weird behavior with missing keystrokes in
browse mode. So it seems to me some bugs were fixed that both solved
my problem and made chrome a bit slower.

On 12/17/18, David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...> wrote:
My guess is that nobody else is experiencing this issue as I'm seeing no
other posts about this.

When I navigate by links with K or shift K in Thunderbird and even, to an
extent, in Chrome I notice a slight slowdown in responsiveness compared to
2018.3. For a short time I thought it was my computer as I was sometimes
seeing this occur in 2018.3.2 but, in general, 2018.3.2 is still somewhat
faster. I sent Quentin a debug file with all addons disabled but I'm
assuming there was nothing obvious in the output as I haven't heard back. I
notice this with Espeak. On a faster machine I do not notice this but on a
slower Athlon 2.9 GHZ there is a slight but noticeable difference. Just
wondering if anybody has noticed this and if something changed in the code
regarding navigation?

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