Re: Hello/Still Noticing Slight Performance Decrease When Navigating with NVDA 2018.4


for me, my system is for 2016 and with 2core cpu and 2.5 gb ram.
after 2016.2, the only excellent and responsive version is 2017.1
which i decided to keep and use it forever.
i dont use chrome or thunderbird, but, in firefox, only 2017.1 is
reliable, fast and responsive.

On 12/20/18, David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...> wrote:

Thank you for confirming what I have noticed. The performance hit I'm seeing
is significant enough that I really prefer what the previous version.
However, I am impressed with the experimental UIA support which I enabled in
my NVDA.ini file for use with Word. I definitely notice the difference,
particularly on my machine which is not the fastest machine around. What I'd
really like to see most in NVDA is a refactoring of the speech to improve
latency and, dare I make this comparison, to make it behave more like JAWS.
Specifically, I'm referring to the responsiveness when navigating using the
cursor and when typing.

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist
On 12/18/2018 1:53 PM, Tony Malykh wrote:

I noticed this in Chrome too - 2018.4 is slightly slower than
2018.3.2. All the betas of 2018.4 were slower as well. However, with
2018.3.2 I had a problem of weird behavior with missing keystrokes in
browse mode. So it seems to me some bugs were fixed that both solved
my problem and made chrome a bit slower.

On 12/17/18, David Goldfield
<david.goldfield@...><mailto:david.goldfield@...> wrote:

My guess is that nobody else is experiencing this issue as I'm seeing no
other posts about this.

When I navigate by links with K or shift K in Thunderbird and even, to an
extent, in Chrome I notice a slight slowdown in responsiveness compared to
2018.3. For a short time I thought it was my computer as I was sometimes
seeing this occur in 2018.3.2 but, in general, 2018.3.2 is still somewhat
faster. I sent Quentin a debug file with all addons disabled but I'm
assuming there was nothing obvious in the output as I haven't heard back. I
notice this with Espeak. On a faster machine I do not notice this but on a
slower Athlon 2.9 GHZ there is a slight but noticeable difference. Just
wondering if anybody has noticed this and if something changed in the code
regarding navigation?

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