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Richard Kuzma

Hope I am sending this correctly.
Take a look at zulu dj software.
It dos have controller support.
Not everything is accessible.
I use it here with a pc keyboard.
I can cue songs and cross fade, but mixing is fairly difficult.
It does have some advanced features.
What I do right now is just playing around.
If you don't need to mix songs and just do straight crossfades,
I have setup two computers to a mixer and just using media player on each
Instead of two turntables, I am using two keyboards and computers and it
works great.
Here is my email if you want to email me off list.
Also, would like to hear how the Hercules operates.

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I am new to this list and to give a small introduction to myself: I'm from
Hamburg, 31 years old, freelance journalist, DJ, Web and photo blogger and
guide at "dialogue in the dark" Exhibition Hamburg.

Via Google I found an older conversation from this list concerning
accessible DJ tools. This conversation is two or three years old so I want
to refresh this discussion:

Does anybody know an accessible DJ tool for Windows? I've tryed out Mixxx
but without any success - the menues aren't accessible and the main
interface seems also to be like the same way.

I am looking forward to a tool which provides also support for my Hercules
Instinct DJ controller. I thought about to buy Station Playlist Studio but
when I understood right is there no support for external DJ controllers.

What's about all these other programs like BPM Studio, Virtual DJ and all
the other major tools for windows?

Thank you in advance for any hint or help.



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