Re: Clock Addon doesn't save settings, nor does f12 work for time and date

Ron Canazzi

Hi Gerardo,

I am not experiencing these issues at all.  All functions normally.  I had the update to the latest version a while ago and didn't even check to see about the 3 presses and the day of and week of the year.  All works fine here on my Windows 10 64 bit system.

On 12/20/2018 7:49 PM, Gerardo Corripio wrote:

Anyone of you guys have the latest Clock AddOn_ because f12 doesn’t say either the time or date, but it does report upon the 3rd press, the number of the day in the year, and how many days are left to the end of the year.

Also when setting up the AddON from within NVDA menú/Preferences/Options/clock settings, when it comes time to sabe the settings, they don’t appear to sabe< when I want to reopen again NVDA menú to check the settings, I get an error that tnere’s already a Settings dialogue open< to close it first before attemtping to go back into the NVDA settings área. Any ideas what might be going on?


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