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Felix G.

Hello Gene,
exactly, that's what I am referring to: A way to move the browse mode
cursor through a page without triggering events in the browser. It
would feel lightning-fast, as it would only involve changing a
position in an internal textual representation fully managed by NVDA
in its own process space. When hitting enter or the space bar to
interact with something, focus could then be brought to that object.
The analogy in the sighted world is that of a touch screen: Just
looking at the contents does not generate events, and is therefore not
slowed down by anything the browser needs to handle.
I am calling those events focus changes because technically that's
what they are. Focus, in this context, is the Windows concept defined
as a control's responsibility for handling keyboard input. It's hard
to describe without leaving a lot of dangling terms as it's a very
technical notion in Windows programming.

Am Fr., 21. Dez. 2018 um 15:29 Uhr schrieb Gene <gsasner@...>:

I may Have misunderstood what you want to do and I may not have the technical knowledge to fully understand what you want changed. Are you talking about being able to move through a web page and have browse mode just show you the page, as though you had copied it into something like Notepad? In that case, you would move, but nothing would ever be triggered on the page as you move. But you seem to be discussing this related to a feature that allows a person to see where the blind person is on the page. If so, why are you assuming they are related? Isn't there already a setting to turn off this feature, used by sighted instructors or others working with a blind person?

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I suspect that the JAWS cursor may see the web page text when NVDA review doesn't.

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Probably not, but if you can explain a little more clearly when you need to
have it as you describe then we might be a bit wiser. Remember not everyone
has Jaws or uses all if its features, so we may learn something here.

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Hello Marcio,
I could only find checkboxes dealing with the conditions for
automatically switching to focus mode, but nothing related to focus
changes. Those are completely different concepts. Are you sure we are
on the same page?

Am Fr., 21. Dez. 2018 um 09:45 Uhr schrieb marcio via Groups.Io

You can configure it through the Settings, which can be found at the NVDA
Menu (NVDA+N).
Search for browse mode, then uncheck the boxes on automatic change or
something like that. I don't know how it should appear because I'm not
using NVDA in English, but I hope it can help you somehow.

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Em 21/12/2018 05:53, Felix G. escreveu:

Hello list,
I'd like to ask how to keep focus from following the browse mode
cursor. While this behavior may often be desirable, there are many
instances in which it unnecessarily slows down the browsing experience
as NVDA needs to constantly keep track of focus events, deciding
whether or not they are related to browse mode cursor movements. With
unfortunate timing, NVDA sometimes fails to associate a browse mode
cursor action with its corresponding focus event and bounces back a
few lines or switches to forms mode because it thinks focus has
changed asynchronously on behalf of the website rather than the user.
The sighted world analogy of moving the browse mode cursor is simply
reading, which should not be associated with so many events in the
If anyone would like to try out how the other behavior, as also seen
in JAWS, would feel in terms of speed: Go to a complex website and
then navigate in browse mode, but not using the standard arrow keys
but instead the review cursor (numpad 7 and numpad 9).
All the best,

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