Re: nvda and other screen readers

Pete <emac00@...>


jaws 16 and we 9.some thing.

like I said earlier I used to install jaws first then we.


On 6/9/2016 4:44 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Well it doesn't matter now.
In the beginning there were screen readers, and they were chained together.
If 1 was installed it was good.
If more than 1 was installed then you needed to do something with the registry and gdichain.ini to make the chain to the video card where the last thing on the chain loaded the videocard and itself.
And that was fun, load in the wrong order, uninstall in the wrong order and or start 2 together and you died the horrible death to be fixed by a good helthy reformat in the rear of your back!
Then along came dcm and that was fine then along came mirror drivers and that to was fine.
Now uia intergrates everything so it really doesn't matter unless you have an old version and then it won't work anyway.
Sadly thats only been round with the nt non dos bassed oses as with winme-98-95 all versions it didn't matter.
But thats the way with trying to secure hardware and things no direct access, the system does that but you need to find the right port and the right plugs and it gets complex.
I used to have everything setup then I would flux it up and it was so darn easy to do that and while I may get one back getting 2 was out of the question.
I needed someone at support to make the chain as it was anyway.
And that was for dolphin and jaws.
So every so often I'd fail at computing and it was another reformat.
Now if I need 2 running I can and often do when some stuff on nvda does not read the other one hal will do that, but it may not read what nvda reads so yeah it works.

On 10/06/2016 6:56 a.m., erik burggraaf wrote:
Hi, The order shouldn't matter at this point. I always heard you should install JFW first, then WE, but WE was my primary screen reader before NVDA and Thus I always installed WE first. I would install a jaws demo if I needed one and it never impacted the performance of window-eyes. NVDA plays nice with everything and so the order really doesn't have that much to do with anything anymore.

Hope this helps,

Erik Burggraaf

On Jun 9, 2016, at 11:28 AM, Pete <emac00@...> wrote:

I need to install jaws and window eyes.
My question is wich should I install first?
I have latest nvda installed.
I usually installed jaws after nvda and then window eyes last.

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