Re: fore some reason nvda isn't talking when I'm using my keyboard


Hey, first, don't worry. This how computers work, I guess. Sometimes it just runs out of our control, but there's always a solution whatever your problem is.
Considering you said that no keys are being interpreted by NVDA, it would be like shoot in the dark, but you can try:
Type "shutdown -r" (without the quotes).
It will restart your system, I guess.
Hope this helps and please let me know if so.
P.S.: Don't give up on NVDA, I'm sure you'll be able to deal with it through the time.
Em 21/12/2018 22:19, molly the blind tech lover escreveu:

Hey guys, Molly here again.

I don�t know what happened but all of a sudden my keyboard on my tablet doesn�t seem to work with nvda. I press a key, like the windows key, and nvda is completely silent. It is silent when I press any key on the keyboard. �The only way �nvda talks �is if I use the mouse.

I don�t know what I did, but I am so stupid. I am just too dumb to ever be a good nvda user. Is there a way to force the machine to restart? I am feeling completely incompetent.

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