Re: Where can I find sample voices for Ocapella

Rui Fontes

What Colibri voice have you used?

Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

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De: Greg Wocher
Data: quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2016 22:41
Assunto: Re: [nvda] Where can I find sample voices for Ocapella


I purchased the lower quality version not to far back. I found a big
issue with this synth. When moving thru words character by character
Acapela will not read the vowels. It reads them just fine when either
doing a say all or reading by word but not when reading character by
character. I just wanted to make others aware of this when looking at
this synth. I did not purchase the higher quality so I am not sure if
that version has the same issue or not.


Greg Wocher

On 6/9/2016 4:05 PM, Lino Morales wrote:
Subject says it all. How much is the NVDA add-on for said voices? Thanks.

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