Re: Clock Addon doesn't save settings, nor does f12 work for time and date


If your computer is an older one, it may actually have a battery that keeps clock functions running when the computer is turned off. I believe they were rechargeable, but rechargeable batteries will not recharge indefinitely.

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I just installed this addon for the first time and seems to work as described.

On 12/22/2018 11:53 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

I wonder if doing a total uninstall and reinstall would work. On the
home page for this add on, there is some reference to issues with
updating from within the add on itself. This may be causing the issues
you have.

On 12/22/2018 9:54 AM, Kelly Sapergia wrote:

I just updated the Clock addon to 18.12.1 (the stable version), and
also noticed that Insert+F12 wasn't speaking the time anymore. I went
into NVDA's settings screen to set the options again, but when I went
to the Clock Setup item, the options from the General tab were being
displayed instead.
When I
moved up to Emoticons, the Clock options were there. Since that's
obviously not supposed to happen, I went back up to General to see if
those options were in the right place. They were, but under Speech,
the Clock Setup options were displayed instead. I pressed Cancel to
get out of the dialog, then Control+Insert+S to see if I could bring
up the Speech options that way, only to be told that an NVDA dialog
was already open, or words to that effect anyway.
I've disabled the addon for now, and all is fine again. I thought
about installing the development version to see if that worked
better, but it has the same version number as the stable version.
Needless to say, I'm going to wait until the next update.

Hope this helps.

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