Re: nvda/tablet is working again

Brian Moore

I must be missing something here.  I have owned 3 asus transformer books, love those little things and never had to clean the connectors.

I guess I could see it happening though.


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On 2018-12-22 1:27 p.m., molly the blind tech lover wrote:

Me too. This keyboard is frustrating. It sometimes stops working. In that case I still have the touchscreen.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] nvda/tablet is working again


Yep, through my close to 30 years of me using confusers , (I was a curious little cuss at age 5) I also learned that the hard way. Lol!
Glad you got nvda working.
On 22 Dec 2018, at 9:31, molly the blind tech lover wrote:

Hey guys, Molly here again.

I hope this message doesn’t get sent twice, because last night I was frustrated and said said things I regret.

Anyway, I discovered that while nvda wasn’t talking while using the keyboard, I could still use the touchscreen. I disconnected the keyboard and cleaned it. It collects dust and crap because of the material it’s made from. Anyway, the machine works completely fine now. And our Internet is working again. As soon as I logged on Nvda wanted me to update some addons. So everything works. I really hope I don’t panic the next time something like this happens. Panicking doesn’t solve anything.  And it just makes me look stupid.

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