Re: NVDA and SiriusXM radio.

Nancy Shackelford

It's pretty accessible. You might sometimes have to click on a
particular thing to make it readable, but I'm good with it, even the
volume, at least most of the time!


On 12/22/18, John Isige <> wrote:
Hey all. I'm thinking of subscribing to SiriusXM radio to check it out.
I'll mostly be listening on a PC. So I was wondering if anybody has
tried it and can report on accessibility. Do they have an app? Do you
just listen through the website? Can you stream it in another media
player? I know you can stream it on the Amazon Echo stuff but I don't
have one, though I did install the Alexa app for Windows 10. Anyway, if
anybody has any info on accessibility, I'd surely appreciate it. I
figured I'd ask here because if it's not accessible for some reason then
I won't bother with it.

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