Re: How different is NVDA different than Jaws?

Ian Blackburn

The original question was on the difference between Jaws and nvda
The differences from my point of you include some keyboard layout differences
But the main one I think relates to the use of a Mira driver which jaws uses for the video
It used to be called a video intercept this is one of the reasons that you have to reboot your computer after you’ve installed jaws to get that video mirror or whatever they call it now working
The other thing is that jaws tends to hold the hand of the use of more
And actually provides keystrokes for windows functions that the user would be better off using Windows keys for
They also sort of adding these research facilities and all sorts of other weird things into jaws
There’s also a lot of legacy things connected with the jaws software
From a purely design perspective nvda would be better designed from my point of you than jaws
Regards Ian

On 23 Dec 2018, at 10:45 am, molly the blind tech lover <> wrote:

Hi. I spend hours on my tablet and my laptop using nvda to browse the web, check email, watch Netflix, do homework, etc. I love nvda. It's the best screen reading software I've ever used. Although, I do have Jaws on my laptop and like to use it occasionally. Especially for reading my textbooks. For everything else I use Nvda.

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Having been a Window Eyes user for many years I found it easier to switch to NVDA versus Jaws. I have both on my system but use Jaws very little. For what I do which is mostly surfing the net and Email NVDA does really well.

On 12/22/2018 7:50 PM, Maria Reyes wrote:
How different is NVDA than Jaws? what are some differences?

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