Re: How different is NVDA different than Jaws?


To be honest, you don't need to donate with cash because of the nature of the project.

If you are developing something you are donating.

You could count testing, bug reports, even saying how cool the project is is a donation.

I mean if you can a real donation would be good, I also wish I could make a real donation from time to time.

However I have spent cash on the online books for win10, all the nvda tutorials, so I guess I did donate.

On 12/23/2018 5:12 PM, molly the blind tech lover wrote:
I wish I had the means to donate. I always feel so guilty. The developers of Nvda are truly lovely people. They’ve changed millions of lives with Nvda. That’s something to be proud of.

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as mentioned the price how ever the project does ask for donations if you can to keep this worthy project going.

You are also not limited to the amount of copies you have on a home network or even bigger like what has just been installed to the Christchurch city library network they just installed 390 copies to there public terminals for the public to use.

It will not time out after 30 or 40 minutes then you have to reboot the computer.

the default voice for a windows 10 machine now is windows one core voices but below that is E speak voices. You can also buy synth packages for nvda or use free ones.

The FAQ link that has been provided by a couple of users will give you a run down of some of the differences between jaws and nvda.

You do not have to buy upgrades and again if people can they can donate to the project no matter how small it is it all counts.

They update or do a release 4 times a year so the fixes are pretty quick to be fixed.

The best thing to do is take it for a test drive.

Gene nz

On 23/12/2018 2:50 PM, Maria Reyes wrote:

How different is NVDA than Jaws? what are some differences?

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