Re: How different is NVDA different than Jaws?

Antony Stone

What is the relevance of that?

The owners of the software repository used by the developers of the software
have nothing to do with the licence under which the software is released.

Microsoft cannot change the licence of NVDA, even if they do own the
repository its source code is developed on.


On Sunday 23 December 2018 at 14:25:34, Brian wrote:

However Github is now owned by Microsoft.

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Hello Maria. As other’s has said, JAWS isn’t free, whereas NVDA is free to
use, however, if you like it, you can donate to the product. Obviously the
developers has got to make money to keep it going, otherwise if it was free
but with no way’s to donate, it would go under. Also, its Open Source, and
it cannot be taken over by a for profit company. And we’ve seem one such
company buying up all its competitors. No way is NVDA going to be swallowed
up or anything like that. This is the major difference between a non-profit
and a for profit company.
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