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The fact is, people’s feelings about voice synthesizers are always subjective, we’re never going to all like the same ones. I happen to share Brian’s dislike of Eloquence, so now that I don’t use JAWS my computer is an Eloquence-free zone, but I respect the fact that others like its good pronunciation of words and the fact that it sounds better at very high speeds than some other synthesizers. Those who want Eloquence can get it legally for NVDA now, so dislike of ESpeak doesn’t necessarily mean that NVDA should be avoided these days, plus I gather that NVDA defaults to the Windows voices on Windows 10, and there are plenty of extra voices available for NVDA anyway.

For me, one important difference between NVDA and JAWS, which has nothing to do with voices, is that NVDA is a much lighter program overall, without the extras bundled with it that JAWS has, such as Research It and FS Reader: also, NVDA is far less likely to add its own keystrokes for certain operations as JAWS does, for example NVDA uses the native Windows keystroke Windows+b to get to the system tray while JAWS felt the need to change that to insert+F11. I’m not saying those things are wrong, use jaws if yu want the alternative keystrokes and the extras I just mentioned: I personally like the fact that NVDA is a much lighter program, and it’s totally optional whether we use add-ons or not, whereas some parts of JAWS are there which aren’t totally essential in a screen-reader.

The above is just my opinion, I’m not anti-JAWS, I just felt I should mention what I consider to be advantages of NVDA which make it different from jaws.

Bye for now!

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Are you commenting on the American or brittish voice?  The Brittish voice is terrible, obviously being programmed by people who don't speak Brittich

English and have no idea what a Brittish accent should sound like, or they can't achieve it if they do, and the voice is given an unpleasant sound as well.  The American voice has a slight raspiness but if you speed upt the voice to a rather fast listening speed, as a lot of people do, the raspiness largely disappears or is reduced in how you hear it, I don't know which. 


Also, Eloquence is easier to understand at fast speech rates than other synthesizers I've heard at fast rates.  And it is more accurate in word pronunciation without adding words to a speech dictionary than any synthesizer I've heard.  It is also very responsive. 


I like Brittish accents and if the Brittish voice were good, I might switch between it and the American voice for variety and enjoyment, but its ludicrously bad. 



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Putting an alternate view here. To me anything that uses Eloquence is pretty
soon either binned or the voice altered to Espeak, Daniel or some other. I
have always hated Eloquence for its lisp and nasality, though I do
understand it is supposed to be easier at fast speeds, I find completely the
opposite. This is just my view and  I'm not alone, but I would not say its a
fact for everyone. I suspect it depends on how you perceive language and
lots of other things. It is a pretty old voice now though.

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Hi Maria
Beside the info of other member, the biggest different I think is NVDA
doesn't use Eloquences as the primary speech, and this also not included in
the program. If you like, you must buy it, and install into your computer.
There is an article named switching from Jaws to NVDA. If you're about to do
that, take a look at
Hope that help
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  Subject: [nvda] How different is NVDA different than Jaws?

  How different is NVDA than Jaws? what are some differences?

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