Re: The AT toolbox


Indeed, you're quite right.
Em 23/12/2018 16:04, john farina escreveu:

Hi folks,

Rather than attaching these thoughts to the messages asking the difference between NVDA and JAWS, I thought I would mention them here.

As an assistive technology instructor as are several on this list, I am finding that the days of having one tool in the toolbox to work with computers and software are gone. I have 2 screen readers on my windows 7 computer for instance, NVDA and JAWS. This computer mostly does some ham radio tasks and I have software which will only work using JAWS and other software which will work only with NVDA. This has to do with many variables but what it says is that as computer users who are blind, we may all need to be able to work with several tools to get the job done on our computers. In many aspects it does not have anything to do with the superiority of one tool over the other, just how they happene to work with the specific software and modifications to the screen reading system that makes this happen.

Hope that helps.

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